Monday, October 22, 2012

Heaven Help that Stalker

~by Debra J. Gordon
(Florida, USA)

Jiri Hoden

Threat Assessment guru Mr. Gavin deBecker calls it "the inappropriate pursuit of another" a fancy term used if you happen to be a celebrity.  But us regular folks call this stalking.  DeBecker and his team of MOSIAC-trained Navy Seal-type renegades don't play.  They get the job done for dignitaries, politicians, judges, celebrities and the like.  I could never hope to afford deBecker's services but I still wish his guys would just swoop on down here to Florida and "find this psychopath."  No one should have to live like I live.
Ladies reading this, please note the patterns of behaviors shown in the small details.  Does what you're about to read sound familiar?  There are no coincidences in life.  Seasoned detectives will affirm this.  Detectives connect such behaviors to the smallest, most insignificant details.  Please pay attention to your surroundings.

This post was so important to write, that I'm foregoing watching the final presidential debate tonight!  Not that this content is extra-extra-ordinary but for the FACT that, enough is just enough. Now, here's what happened earlier today which prompted this post. ~~ 

So while I decided to stay on the computer all day long revising my blogs, there was no need to use the car at my typical time; in which case I would have found out what the 'stalker' wanted me to find out at a time when no one would have been home to help me boost the dead battery on the car; which was dead because the hacker apparently has remote access to the OnStar system in the family car AND the music system mysteriously can turn on by itself and ran all night long--  but the good news is at least the use of the 'kill switch' hasn't been 'employed' recently.  And construction size nails aren't in the tires or various cables aren't severed or the phone in the house goes dead for no reason - get a new phone and it too, goes dead in a few days.  (Note: central to these 'issues' is electronics.)

And it is interesting to note that not one neighbor was home to help.  Such orchestration of events, I'd say.  I really don't know who I've angered people.  Years ago.

Note: This "run-on" sentence structure otherwise known as 'free-writing-without-much-punctuation' is being done purposefully. If and when you experience a 10-year long assault to your person, family, friends, community-- you will likewise, speak in run-on fashion.  Kindda sortta like Ms Olivia Pope on ABC's blockbuster television melodrama, "Scandal".  But like Ms Kerry I'm no pushover either, so I rock on-- hard, and hard I rock!  Keep up with me ladies.  There's more.

So, as I was saying--

I believe the car's electronics (radio and OnStar feature) were remotely turned on all night long which caused that dead battery.  We don't subscribe to the OnStar feature so there's no reason for the little Red-Cross-looking icon to glow or the smallish LED light on the right side of the rear view mirror to shine, correct?  This not-so-kind-person also locks my car doors when I'm out and about, which I've also got into the habit of not locking, so as to circumvent the activity of being locked out remotely from the car.  After about three years of living like this, I wrote the FBI in Washington.  Unfortunately, that 10-page letter citing alleged eavesdropping and hidden cameras in my home, which numerous police reports documented, didn't help.  And when my mail went missing, the USPS Technical and Forensic Division (also in DC), didn't respond to that letter for help, either.

Wow...! Having an exceptional day with words flowing again! 

Anyway, absent transportation, I walked to the corner store and bought one of those prefabricated sandwiches and a cup of French Vanilla coffee.  I had a real moment of fear and thought it wise not to buy some Skittles.  I would not be the one dead had I been accousted.  Let us pray for the family of Treyvon Martin lifting them up beyond measure that they receive a right and just outcome to this Nation's most outrageous and horrific travesty.  I don't even know how his parents are making it day by day.  Conversely, despite what this stalker thinks he/she has/is getting away with, your days are numbered.  God'll see to it!  Hostility and aggression against human beings' is in fact as deBecker says is 'an inappropriate pursuit of another'.  Like hunting.  Like HUNTING.  You know who you are.  And, since this situation has become so protracted (yes, you can begin a sentence with a conjunction; my life, my rules)--  this has now become a willfull intention to inflict emotional duress, an actionable body of law.  But I digress--

I've been writing since the postage stamp was 5-cents, I have something to say Ms Huffington.  And just so everyone knows, I am no dummy.  I have written technical instructions for the telecommunications and the health care industry, self published, run a home-based mail order firm, taught college students, survived a 5-year-long divorce and raised three great kids.  United Press International picked up my piece "Those Precious Moments" (archieved on this blog) and ran as a two-part series on their ReligionAndSprituality website.  Knowledge, however will not deter a stalker from believing you are his/her possession or to exact whatever hostility he/she has toward you ladies.  If you suspect you're being followed you are right.  Communicate with your intuition at this time.  Your intuition is God's specific way of alerting you to something looming.  It will always be spot on.  When something happens that makes you pause, doubt, or makes the hair stand on the back of your neck... pay attention to your surroundings.  Try not to be alone too much.  Be determined.  Know this is happening.  Be prepared.  Let someone know.  Keep a journal, write summations and give copies to a variety of people who are aware of your situation.  Save cash register receipts or use a debit card so your person can be tracked-- in case you go missing. 

"...A date won't take "no" for an answer. The new nanny gives a mother an uneasy feeling. A stranger in a deserted parking lot offers unsolicited help. The threat of violence surrounds us every day. But we can protect ourselves, by learning to trust-- and act on-- our gut instincts."
-- from "The Gift of Fear"

Get Gavin deBecker's book "The Gift of Fear"  and read chapter three if no other chapter.  Do what he says!  I rest my case and wish you well.  Heaven help the stalker when those Navy-renegades find him.  It ain't gonna be a pretty picture.  You know how the Seals do!

[P.S. This picture above is of me (on left), age 6-- with my sister at Don's birthday party taken on a day I saw a member of family choked that evening. This domestice violence stuff runs generations to generations, doesn't it?]
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[Further reading]  "...It is understood in the law enforcement and victim service fields that crime victims who are kept informed about their cases and treated with respect and compassion are far more likely to cooperate with law enforcement than victims who feel neglected or disrespected. This good rapport can be especially important in cold cases, where the survivors of homicide victims may have only sporadic contact with law enforcement. The passage of time can also lead to changes in the offender’s relationships and circumstances, and, thereby, in the surfacing of new witnesses and leads. Thus, cooperation between law enforcement and victim service providers is imperative to meet survivors’ needs and facilitate the investigation of cold cases."  --Serving Survivors of Homicide Victims During Cold Casae Investigations:  A Guide for Developing a Law Enforcement Protocol, prepared by National Sheriff's Association Justice Solutions, National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children, Inc.

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