Sunday, October 14, 2012

Transitioning: "Those Precious Moments"

 Peter Griffin 
An imposing yet warm and calm presence made Grandma's hospital room feel as though it was wrapped in a silky cocoon, engulfed by a tropical island breeze. Surely I would have floated away had I not been clutching her arm so tightly. Overwhelmed by and unable to totally understand His wondrous power, my body began to tremble with uncertainty. Grandma looked me straight in my tear-soaked eyes, squeezed my hand and reassuringly said, "Baby don't cry. I promise everything will be allright in the morning." Who would have ever thought what happened next?


Above Mame's headboard appeared a soft white glow, which took on the shape of an angel's wingspan. Without a doubt, Mame's angels were watching over her. Amplified sounds and crystal-clear images of Grandma's homecoming mirrored before me. Flocks of Jekyll Island sea gulls, prancing through stilted foliage, were drowned out by the sound of a big-band orchestra. Oversized, 'Lawrence Welk' bubbles, painted in vivid purple, blue and green, invaded our cocoon. The smell of Mame's old-fashion, one-stick-of-butter pound cake, quickened a vivid picture of Grandma in her mint green kitchen. Smiling at sleeping beauty, I made the sign of the cross on my forehead, just like she did to me when I was a little girl. As my heart decided to let Mame go to God-- poof!... the silky cocoon evaporated. I took a deep breath and blew her one l-o-n-g, last kiss in the air. Grandma was ready to go home and I was finally at peace.

Through His Almighty power, He had transferred from Grandma's soul and embodied into my soul, an unshakable level of strength, grace, insight, wisdom and spirituality. Today, I walk in boldness, step-by-step with resilience from thine enemies and assured in the complete confidence that, He divinely protects me. So, get ready world! Here comes Esther's first-born grandchild, power walking His path to fight injustice and to speak up for the people who can't speak up for themselves.

Psst! Are YOU blessed to know what God wants for YOUR life?

These are a few of my favorite passages from "Those Precious Moments:  Share God's Beautiful Gift of Personal Transformation and Call to Purpose"  |  read full story here!

"...Thank you for blessing me with your story.  Your Grandmother sounds like she was one wonderful lady. 
May you experience much more wise guidance from your intuition and keep writing!"
  --Lynn robinson, Author "Divine Intuition"  

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