Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Twenty Fallen Angels Unite the World

Dear True Believer that we can make the World a better place!

Since I've been writing from about the age of eight or nine, very few things have caused me to go silent.  Words, have always seem to flow from me.  But, not this time.  THAT, I am a humanitarian, mother and grandmother, it makes  little sense to me that someone would actually plan the taking of a life.  And most certainly, not the lives of helpless children going about their 'everyday-schoolday' business of reading, writing, and arithmetic.   

How does someone do that...  the taking of a life?
'He' woke up this past Friday morning and likely ate a bowl of cereal, drank a glass of juice, perhaps ate a piece of fruit-- all the while dressed in full gear camouflage.  Casually drove to 'his' parent's home-- and killed 'his' mother with a high powered assault weapon.  But 'his' rampage didn't stop there.  'He' drove to the school where 'his' mother worked as a teacher and unleashed an unimaginable hellfire of bullets, killing twenty innocent children who were-- going about their 'everyday-schoolday' business of reading, writing and a little bit of arithmetic!!!  

Teachers and school administrators did not escape 'his' horrific carnage.  Nor did 'he', as the last life 'he' took was his own.  This boggles my mind.  How does someone do this?

We may find a few answers  in the work of Systemic Solutions Relationship Management expert Martyn CarruthersIn his "Human Systems" business model, Carruthers speaks to the generational predictability of chaos in family systems, as follows:
"...Each family has predictable patterns of interactions (family traditions) that are passed and replicated across generations.  Family interactions can modify but not end these cross-generational entanglements.  External observation and assistance is needed.  Each family member affects all other members of a family.  Parental moods and actions affect children and other relatives.  Family members respond to each other's issues in predictable ways.  Many solutions create new problems - and often a solution is worse than the problem."
We've come full circle again kindreds.  Sandy Hook didn't have to happen.  I really do believe that collectively we can make our World a better place.  And while I wish I had all the answers, Life doesn't come with an instruction manual.  Mental health professionals, doctors and probably even lawyers will  probably debate 'Sandy Hook' for years to come, in an attempt to try and figure out, "What happened?"  ...to this young man and his family.    We'll need to "make some logical sense" of this incident so that we don't go crazy ourselves! 

Politicians-- we'll need you to revisit our gun legislation statuts this upcoming session.  Gun shoppe owners-- we'll need your help in keeping a more watchful eye on  characters who come into your establishments!   Guns don't kill people.  People kill people.
Some events in  American history  are so looming in proportion that they REQUIRE our understanding and an immediate resolution.  Through education and enlightenment of others, I'm committed to doing just that in the memory of the twenty fallen angels in Newtown, Connecticut.  
If you'd like to help the community of  Newtown, Huffington Post has assembled a resource list here. 

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