Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Calm + Serene + Breathtaking | It was the music!

♥ Music is very suggestive.
Sabine Sauermaul
 Here's a true story to exemplify
 what I mean.

Years ago when Tower Records was in business, I visited one of their locations in the Metro Atlanta area central to the financial hub of town. It was hot and I do mean hot and in the heart of five o'clock traffic.  Car horns blasting, bus fumes a'smoking -- and if I recall, my gas tank was on near empty. You know the kind of day I'm describing, right? 
Well anyway, although I'd pulled a long day on my feet at work, I just had to buy the new Yanni CD.  So instead of heading to the gas station, I made a bee-line across two lanes of traffic and entered into Lenox Square shopping center off one of the many Peachtree Street thoroughfares. Buying gas had become a secondary mission at the time.

When I entered the store, the a/c was most refreshing 'cause like I said, it was a sticky-hot-in-the-South day outside.  At least  98 degrees.  But only seconds after entering the store, what I then noticed was how silent the store was. How still everything was; like the calm found in Heaven. 

It took my breath away. 
Directly ahead of me was a guy that could have been a Sumo wrestler who had a bald head and was tattooed up the arms like crazy.  Next to him, by contrast was a skinny little guy dressed in a black leather vest (even in the heat), chains hanging from his pants pockets to hold his wallet in place (keys dangling too)... who had dyed-red hair before it was popular. I suspect he may have lived in the then hip, Virginia Highland's area which was only one MARTA (rapid transit) station away.   As I continued walking back to the enclosed listening sound room, I passed by an elderly couple in the country western section staring at a Travis Tritt CD.  She, a slight woman with perfectly coiffured dirty blonde hair and bright red nails was transfixed on the cover-- while hubby the dutiful husband, held onto her handbag wide receiver style.

And as I looked over the horizon of the store, EVERYONE was not saying a word... busy at task... each into his/her own little world... and I wondered why?  

It was the music.

The store was broadcasting a newly released meditation CD. And no matter how diverse the people in the store appeared to be, we were all responding to the vibes of this beautiful music. Amazing how such a simple thing can invoke harmony and unity.  Seems like that was decades ago.  Our world wasn't in such turmoil then. 

Today however the world could use a bit more meditative music.  And I wish it could be just as easy today as it was back on that day in Atlanta, to depart an ample dose of goodness in the World-- as one unknown musician's CD accomplished, back on that blistering evening in Atlanta.

It's 1:52am.  As I reflect on the fond memories above and for the assurance that 'all is well,'  Yanni's "At the Accropolis," was indeed worth the purchase.  ~djg  


"...And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was
more painful than the risk it took to blossom."  --Anais Nin
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