Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Where Illusion Meets Destiny"

--by Debra J. Gordon
Copyright August, 2006
All rights reserved

Caroline Steinhauer

She hovered in the Zen garden near the koi pond, inches above my scarf draped shoulders. Knowing the time was perfect, her lavender wings grazed across my left cheek, nudging me from a lazy day slumber. Had the island winds been less determined, I could have easily allowed daydreams to lure me back into captivity
...but I would have missed it!

Cautiously turning to face my naivete, her revolutionary yet delicately spoken words, appeared to blow (in slow motion) from a deeply hidden calm-- just beyond her angel lips. Catching the balmy July breeze, each peppermint scented alphabet became one sundrenched syllable after another... and yet another.

Stalling within my sleepy understanding, the cloudlike syllables magically twirled in mid-air and began to evaporate before my inquisitive brown eyes. A forced blink at the bottom of unpainted eyelids, pushed the faint syllables into full grown aural words, which morphed into sentences, billowing from the Heavens.

Having no mercy, they announced an arrival to ears hidden behind long morning-washed hair, resonating in an oasis of cherub's harps and bamboo flutes. Resting somewhere inside my awakening comprehension, I finally realized She angel's clever garden escape, also included my virgin naivete. I didn't miss it!

The miracle of another life interruption found me seated before Him, broken and humble. A most perfect and willing vessel, naked in the middle of such an unfamiliar wilderness. In the luminosity of THIS moment, alone with God, I heard Him say--

Dear One: They misunderstand your intelligence and pure heart, as they are still of the world. They live in a land you called 'Kraad' ...a place of paranoia, lust and deceit. A place where illusion meets destiny on the other side.

Go get them child and prepare them for my Kingdom. I've Chosen you Debra; leave not one behind. purpose defined! So 'I' say--

You don't know me... yet.
But, I have seen you from the sky.
On the wings of the eagle I ride,
patiently awaiting your pure heart.

I promised Him I would not leave you behind.
That I would bring you ...into love ...say love love.

Come child. What's your hesitation?
Do not be afraid. Take my hand and know,
that I will enfold your fragile core.

And delight when you have come to know,
His pure love you.

~~The Beginning

Image Credit:  Koi Pond by caroline steinhauer
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