Saturday, February 02, 2013

Beyond Words Publishing - Submissions

Beyond Words Publishing
At Beyond Words, our products and our company are an expression of who we are as people, the values we hold, and the actions we take to bring our goals to light. We want to inspire people through our work—inspire them to gain wholeness and completeness for themselves, and to learn, grow, and find solutions. We are proud to have published several books in recent years that have been blockbuster bestsellers. The Secret has been on the New York Times list for more than 180 weeks and continues to be the top-selling book of all time in its category. Masaru Emoto's Hidden Messages in Water was also a groundbreaking success, making the New York Times bestseller list for 25 weeks in 2005.   Beyond Words PublishingHillsboro, Oregon-- has almost three decades of experience in publishing inspiring books, gifts, videos and new media that fulfill people's dreams: helping them make positive changes in their lives and the world.~~


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